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Founded in March 2002, Pothlako Security Services emerged out out of the realization that a Safety & Security Company offering a single point solution that is focused and tailor made for each particular client is critical. We have a clear understanding and know how of the Security Industry, and pledge the oath of integrity, transparency, hard work and professionalism in ensuring that the clients interest are safe, secured and protected by Security Officers that are well trained and versed in everyday SIRA regulations and who are professional in the conduct of their duties. The designation of responsibilities and authority for personnel that manage, and verify work which impacts on service quality.The identification and provision of adequate resources for management, performance of work and verification activities. The nomination and appointment of a Management Representative. The review of the Quality Management Systems by the Executive Management at determined intervals. For an effective Quality Management Systems, Pothlako Security is organised in a way that all work activities that affect service quality are well defined and understood.

Service Provision:

We are totally committed to providing consistent, uncompromising professional and high standard, quality safety and security solutions that meets and surpasses the expectations of our clients who have delegated us to protect their interests.

Employee Empowerment And Growth:

Our focus is to grow, develop and empower previously disadvantaged individuals so that they become active participants in the socio-economic growth of the country. Our emphasis is the employment of women into managerial and supervisory levels and the upliftment of black people within the structures of the company.

By providing In-house training programmes, refresher and regular courses, we assure the client that the quality of the Security Officers deployed on their behalf do not compromise the safety and security or their interests.

Pothlako Cleaning Division provides waste management services that are unique and aimed at offering a one-point cleaning solution to clients. Committed to providing hygienic and SABS approved quality waste management solutions.The division employs only women in all it’s Hierarchy.This is an empowerment initiative to create employment opportunities for women.

All employees are well trained and conversant in the waste management industry. We tap from the wide pool of prospective workers that have been in the industry and unemployed.

Highly qualified employees are equipped with the necessary and required expertise, equipment and know-how
in executing the tasks.
1. Integrated waste management solutions for Retail, Corporate, Industrial and Domestic.
2. Cleaning.
3. Hiring of cleaners on daily, weekly or monthly basis.
4. Fumigation Services.
5. Collection and Disposal of waste.

PSIRA Legislation:

Adherence to all Government Legislation and complying with PSIRA regulations and procedures in the daily conduct of the business from training to engaging rofessionals that have a clear understanding of the security industry...

Social Responsibility:

As an emerging Black Company, our motto is to reinvest back into our communities at least 1% of our net profits through empowerment projects and initiatives. Our core focus is youth development programmes and we have identified informal settlements youths as beneficiaries.

Corporate Governance:

All our Directors have the required and necessary PSIRA grading and are committed to a transparent governance process, taking into consideration that the business is managed according to generally accepted accounting principles and best management and corporate practice.

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Our Mission and Vision


By providing a one-point yet integrated security solution that is of high quality with a back-up of well trained and motivated staff and hands on experienced management, Pothlako Security and Cleaning Services is on the cutting edge of ensuring maximum safety, security and protection of our clients property, people and infrastructure. We have made a pledge of integrity to hold the clients interest at the fore front by offering security solutions that are tailor made for you the client. In the end as a 100% Black owned Company, our Mission is to empower previously disadvantaged individuals to actively participate in the protection and socio-economic growth of our country. The organisational structure at Pothlako Security and Cleaning Services has been arranged in such a way that the following requirements of the quality management system can be addressed.


Our vision is to grow Pothlako Security and Cleaning Services into a formidable company that is Client center and Employee focused with a view (aim) to deliver a service that is of the highest quality, thereby offering integrated safety and security solutions.

Our Services


We offer guarding solutions from access control. Control Room Management, Paramilitary, Special Events, Retail, Commercial, Residential and Industrial Guarding.


Patrolling services for premises. Special Events and Infrastructure.


24 Hour armed response unit with direct communication to our control room and other emergency operators.


Protection services to high level Executives and Dignataries.


With an increased demand from clients for quality service and professional execution of security services and guarding, Pothlako's priority is to offer excellent and effective training for our Security Officers. Our security specialists, either armed or unarmed ensure a safe and secure environment for your Business, Resident,Event or any location were they are deployed. In addition to our Armed Reaction Services, we have a documented history of providing quality security services. We consider a absolute personal safety of all. Pothlako Security Services provide a single point integrated safety and security solution to its clients. Our core business encompasses the following.


Pothlako provides the entire solution, including Planning, Design, and On-going Maintenace Provisionand Installation of the latest State of the Art electronic systems both for industrial and Residential usage. Development os Security Technology Objectives Evaluation of existing security systems with comprehensive report and recomendations Control Room planning & installation
Cellular SMS Alarm Systems
CCTV Products
Automated Gates
Electric Wall Fencing
Security Doors
Intruder Detection
Perimiter Protection


A 24 hour control and operations center at our Head Office in Benoni is a central location for coordinating and monitoring field operations.


Electronics and guarding of NKP's such as Airports, Ports, Borders, Legislature


A well trained employee is a credit to our company and our clients.

This function is perhaps the most important of any good security program. It must be a highly structured program capable of achieving the desired results. Obviously, basing the anticipated wage rates at an attractive level helps a company attract and retain highly motivated dedicated personnel. Some of our recruiting methods are quite innovative and work very well. In addition to this method, we contact qualified security training schools for candidates and possible placement of their graduates. The individuals from these sources are well trained and have made a personal commitment to the private security field. We have an ongoing rapport with the various administrators at these schools and they have provided us with highly qualified people in the past. Additionally, we maintain a relationship with law enforcement administrators at all of the local colleges, which have police science curriculum. They have proven to be very good employees. Pothlako Security places great emphasis on hiring good people and providing them with the very best training available. Our turnover ratio is one of the lowest in the security industry. We pay our personnel slightly more than most security companies, and we provide more training. We demand more from our officers, and we provide a stable work environment with the potential for additional training and advancement within our company. We provide professional looking Uniforms and top quality state of the art Equipment to our personnel. Pothlako Security provides a full range of Performance Specific Training both as a requirement for employment and in addition to periodic refresher training and new information so that our personnel can perform their duties in a superior manner. All PS Guards will meet the following mandatory basic qualifications: Able to read, write, speak & understand English language proficiently Have no record of felony convictions Have no known history of alcohol or narcotics dependence or addiction Have no physical or mental defects which prohibit performing their duties Hold a South African Green citizenship ID book, or legally admitted foreign national status Past behavior shows their fitness for work Have a verifiable work record Character of honesty, truthfulness & personal integrity

Pothlako Security Employment Screening Process

In the PS screening process, Guards are assessed on their motivation and ability to perform the mental and physical tasks required at any location. All PS Guards will meet the following mandatory basic qualifications: All applicants are screened using the following criteria:
Employment History
Military History
Criminal Record
Drug Screen
Personal Ref
Driving License & Record
Character & Mental Stability
Federal Immigration Status

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